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Key Success Factors – People

If I was to pick the single, most important element in the success of an IT project or a delivery of a new product to market it would NOT be:
– The technology.
– The delivery/project methodology.
– The brand/marketing strategy.
– The project plan.
– Creating the best user stories.
– Writing up JIRA/ADO tickets.
– Meetings.

The single, most important component… is the PEOPLE.

– Get the right team in place: Invest the effort in building up an engaging culture of inclusivity, respect, responsibility, expedience.
– Give them a clear direction: Reflect, remind and update on a regular basis.
– Demonstrate the value that the work adds: Show the stats, how much the needle is moving.
– Shield them from any nonsense: Have meetings when they are needed with clear reasons, structure, objectives and actions but don’t waste time for the sake of having a meeting.

The results WILL be awesome!!!