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Keep your treasure hunters happy!

I enjoyed doing a treasure hunt for my two nieces and their friend this afternoon. They completed the first game quickly so the next round was more complex.

Rather than give more treats at the end (jellies inside a big cardboard egg) I conspired with their mother to put the empty wrappers from the first round in it.

The disgust on the 6 year olds face as the realisation set in. “Hey you left us the rubbish!!!” was priceless.

The “spin” that is put on everything these days is tiring. The promise of something wonderful at the end which doesn’t live up to expectations.

Whilst I just had to escape from an irate junior, in product development you don’t have the luxury.

Building an engaging roadmap, managing expectations, delivering the vision is challenging but so rewarding, and making sure your “treasure hunters” are not left disappointed is a responsibility not to be taken lightly!