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Some years ago, my wife and I did the NHS “Couch to 5k” programme. We really got into it and enjoyed getting out even in the rain, frequently doing 2 or 3, 5km runs a week. Over time this routine fell by the wayside and it has been more by occasion than habit I’ve gone out for a run.

I do get out most days for walks and try to hit the 10k steps but I am never dressed for a quicker pace than a good walk.

The other day the weather was perfect and I was dressed in suitable clothing, I managed to run intermittently for the circuit of my normal walking route. However – I failed in the most basic, beginner step when preparing to go for a run…the warm up.

The 44 year old legs are a little bit tight today!

Preparation is critical to achieve the best possible outcome.

In product development, the importance of preparation is no different.

  • Understanding your market, your user’s problems, what they are expecting from you and your product.
  • Making sure the delivery and service/support model is there, that people are trained how to help users and the user experience to get support is fluid and effective.
  • The work the developers are going to do is clear, the design is sufficient to work to, the data (where it comes from, what it looks like, where you’re going to store it) is all clearly documented

Simple things today can help avoid a painful experience tomorrow!