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It was a pleasure to work under Ian, he’s a consummate professional.

The clear vision he set out and the lack of micro management meant we were able to deliver high quality work, on time.

I can honestly say this was one of the best teams I have worked in throughout my career and that was in a large part due to Ian’s leadership.

Neil Matthews

WordPress Developer, Freelancer

Working with Ian Cort has been a very positive experience for North East Immediate Care. From our first meeting, Ian has worked hard to understand our charity and what we are working to achieve. We have been delighted with the work Ian has done for us and the positive feedback we have received has reinforced this. 

Ian has demonstrated excellent knowledge, outstanding skills and a proactive approach to partnership working that has helped us achieve some important goals. My colleagues and I are delighted to recommend Ian to any prospective client

Dr. Michael Norton

Trustee, North East Immediate Care

Ian was a fantastic asset to our team and was very hands-on in helping solve complex challenges. Ian has excellent personal skills and a remarkable ability to connect with people. His interpersonal skills greatly benefited our program as he effectively communicated with our internal customers, understood their needs, and fostered positive relationships. His approachability and friendly demeanour made working with him, the team and customers enjoyable, and he delivered outstanding results.

Peter Verster

Head of Digital, Genus PLC

Connecting with Ian has been invaluable to our Charity. His knowledge and skills are impressive and he has worked hard to understand our work and how to best support us to achieve our goals.

From our first meeting, Ian has demonstrated excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to explain technical processes in such a way, that helps us to learn.  He is approachable, friendly and efficient and we would be delighted to recommend Ian to any prospective client.


Sue Martin

Operations Manager, North West Hearts Charity